Swimming Trainer with Students

Our group classes for children maintain a maximum of 4 swimmers per class (5/6 in lengths classes to ensure that each swimmer gets effective feedback at every session. The group lesson provides a fun social environment for learning to swim.


Suitable for swimmers 3yrs+

Location - Chatteris

For an overview of our Group Classes, click here.

Our 2-1 sessions are the perfect way to speed up the rate of progress while maintaining the social side of the lessons.

With just 2 swimmers per class, they will get lots of personalised feedback whilst helping each other to progress.


Suitable for swimmers 3yrs+

(From £15 per swimmer per session paid 4 weekly)*

Booking pays for 2 swimmers due to current COVID restrictions

*please note, there may be another class running at the same time

Girls Swimming Underwater
Swim Lessons

Our 1-1 swim coaching with our highly qualified coaches is ideal for advanced improvement of your stroke efficiency and fitness for your next goal, whether it's Competitive Pool Swimming, Open Water or Triathlon. 

(from £22 per session)


Our 1-1 swim tuition is the fastest way for children or adults to learn to swim. Whether it's to gain confidence before attending group lessons or to just accelerate learning, these tailored lessons and personalised feedback aim to speed up progression quicker.


Suitable for swimmers 3yrs+

(From £22 per session)

*please note, there may be another class running at the same time

Woman Swimming in Pool