Welcome Back!

Returning to Lessons



Arrival to the pool

  • Please wait outside the pool, socially distanced until the door is opened by a member of staff.

  • The pool has two NHS track and trace posters in the pool reception area. Please have the NHS app downloaded and scan on entry to the pool.

  • Do not arrive to the pool too early, the door will only be opened at a designated time.

  • On entry to the building, masks must be worn by parents/guardians unless you can present us with a hidden disability face mask exemption card.

  • Swimmers must arrive to the pool with their swimsuits on ready for their lesson.

  • When entering through the blue doors into the foyer, parents/guardians and swimmers must use the hand sanitizing station.

  • Please then make your way through the doors that lead to the pool and through to the male changing room where you will queue (socially distancing) until a member of staff lets you onto poolside. You will be let onto poolside 1 minute before your lesson is due to start.

  • Do not use the male changing rooms for changing.


During the Lesson

  • Width group lessons will reduce in numbers from 6 swimmers per class to 3  swimmers per class.

  • Length group lessons will remain at 6 swimmers per class but in a double station. 

  • Each swimmer will be designated a cone which they will sit by when on the side.

  • Swimmers will swim across the width of the pool to and from their designated cone allowing them to maintain socially distanced from the other swimmers in the group.

  • For those that have purchased your own kickboards and woggles, swimmers are to place these behind their cone.

  • For swimmers borrowing woggles and kickboards, these will be laid out on the benches for your swimmers to grab and place behind their cone.

  • Swimmers are to use their designated floats and woggles and are not switch with each other.

  • If your swimmer wears hats and goggles, please ensure these are on prior to the lesson as teachers will not be able to help with these. If they fall off in the lesson and swimmers can not put them back on themselves swimmers will either be encouraged to put them on the side of the pool or swim across to their parent who will be able to help them.

  • If you swimmer wears a tummy belt, you will be required to put this on your child before making your way round to the spectating bench. Please try and keep your distance from other swimmers and parents.

  • Only station 1 will be permitted to use toys initially. Each swimmer will have a basket of toys which will be positioned by their cone. Swimmers will be able to get their own toys out of the basket. Teacher or Assistant may pick up the basket to lower down to the swimmers so they can grab the required toy.

  • Swimmers will need to get out of the water themselves by either pulling themselves out over the side or using the steps where they are not able to climb out over the side.


  • Parents/Guardians must wear a mask for the duration of their child’s swimming lesson.

  • Only one adult is to accompany each swimmer to their lesson.

  • When spectating please use the markings on the bench to allow you to socially distance.

  • If you prefer to wait in the car while your child is swimming, this is no problem.

  • For spectators during lengths lessons, where possible please sit on the higher bench as this will allow greater distance from the swimmers in the lane and the teacher on that side of the pool.


End of the lesson

  • Swimmers will stand by their cone until their parent walks round to collect them. You should then continue to walk up to the deep end and into the female changing rooms.

  • If possible, for those that have borrowed floats and kickboards we encourage swimmers to place them on the ‘discard pile’. These should not need to be used again for the duration of the night.

  • When exiting through the female changing room, we recommend that swimmers do not get changed and instead go home in a robe or similar drying attire. We will not be cleaning changing rooms between lessons.

  • Should you choose to use the changing rooms, you do so at your own risk. We ask that you use the cleaning supplies provided or bring your own to clean your cubicle before and after.

  • Please leave the building as quickly as possible as there is strictly no waiting in the foyer.

  • Please use the hand sanitizing station on your way out.

  • From exiting your lesson, you will have a 5-minute time frame to leave the building. After this the teacher who is manning the door will be back on poolside teaching so will not be able to let you out.

  • Please keep you mask on until you have exited the building.



  • All teachers will be wearing masks upon your child’s arrival to their lesson.

  • As a lot of swimming demonstrations use facial expressions, we feel it is still vital for swimmers to be able to see their teachers face. Due to this, once swimmers are in the pool and at a safe distance, teachers will remove their masks for the duration of the lesson, until swimmers exit the pool.

  • Teachers will be standing slightly back from the side of the pool and will not be crouching down during the lesson.

  • Teachers will be teaching from the side until regulations are relaxed to allow us to adhere to social distancing rules. The only exception to this will be for non-swimmers in Station 1 where they will have a swim helper in the water.

  • The swim helper will be (where possible) keeping a 1m distance away from the swimmers and helping the swimmers where need be from a sideways position as opposed to being in front.


Equipment & Cleaning

  • Woggles and kickboards that are borrowed should only need to be used once through the night and not need to be used again until the following weeks lessons.

  • Toys that are being used will be disinfected in between lessons.

  • Cones will be cleaned in between lessons.

  • Spectating benches and teacher benches will be cleaned in between lessons.

  • Step handles will be cleaned in between lessons.

  • Major toilet touch spots such as flusher, door handle, taps will be cleaned in between lessons.


Logging of attendees

  • Before attending your lesson and entering the pool you must fill out a track and trace form.

  • Posters will be up outside the pool with a QR code which you can scan to fill in the form. Alternatively, there will be a website link which you can type into your phone.

  • The link is also on the email sent with this document so you can fill it in prior to attending your lesson but it must be filled out on the evening of the lesson and not a day(s) in advance.

  • This form will need to be filled in before every lesson, every week.

  • We should be notified of any case of COVID or COVID symptoms (symptoms outlined below) that arises after you have been at the pool. This will then be reported to the pool office and the Track and Trace service.


Showing signs of COVID?

As with anything now, should you or anyone you have been in contact with be showing any of the below signs of COVID then you must self-isolate and not attend lessons for 14 days;

  • New continuous cough

  • High Temperature

  • Loss of taste or smell

If you are having to self-isolate for 14 days due to Covid-19, missed weeks cannot be refunded or credited.